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Welcome to the 2024 Nomad Society!


Perks in Tier 3 include

  • 2 Exclusive Non-barrel aged stout bottles available at member parties (and held for 30 days if not available to attend)
  • 4 Bottles a month to take home priced at 6.99 or lower. (minimum bottle price is 3.99, a $192 value)
  • Free Birthday Sammie and Beer
  • Rotating monthly discount beers on Thursday
  • 20 oz mug pours for 16oz price
  • 20% off Merch
  • 10% off togo beers
  • Mug Club Shirt
  • Ability to early purchase bottles
  • Access to two parties a year with apps provided. Try out menu changes before anyone else!
  • Ceramic Mug to take home at year end. If you renew, there will be a $15 discount next year. The mug will be teal, not black


Nomad Society Tier 3

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Early purchase of bottles will work as follows:

    • You will have two days before a limited release bottle goes on sale to come in and try the beer and purchase the bottle(s). We will not hold any for you, but you will have them before the general public and ability to pick them up and try before anyone else.

    You cannot split this with a family member or friend. This is for the purchaser's use only.

    The club will run from 01/01/24 until 12/31/24.

    If you break the mug it is $40 to fix. If we break it, we will replace it for free.

    Higher than 8% beer will be 3/4 fills ~14oz for the price of 10oz

    We are working with a developer on an app for the mug club. It will be available on Android and iPhone. You must have this app to be a part of the mug club. It is your membership card. You will be sent an email when the app goes live and a link to download.

    By buying this mug club you agree to all of these terms.

  • If you are buying as a gift send us an email with who it's for and we can get all the information updated.

Best Sellers

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